Personal Injury Compensation Claim Process Kingston

Personal Injury Compensation Claim Process Kingston

How it Works in Three Simple Steps:

1 – Complete the Contact Form.

2 – Obtain a report from your doctor.

3 – Send the report to the insurance company requesting payment.

Don’t worry about what to do – getting your claim started is all laid out below.

We have created a simple step by step process, so getting your claim started is quick and easy.

The quickest way is to CALL 07789 085970 or go straight to the Contact Form.

Below we outline the CLAIM PROCESS so you know what happens next.

There are just three steps:

Step 1 – Submit Injury Compensation Claim

We submit details of your claim to the other party’s insurers. This is called a letter of claim or “claim notification form”. It sets out how the accident occurred and why we consider their insured is at fault. The insurance company has 14 days to acknowledge the claim and tell us whether they accept liability for the accident.

Upon receiving an admission on liability the claim proceeds to Step 2, below. Interim payments like the £1,000 mentioned on our home page, can be made at this point.

Step 2 – Injury Claim Report

We will send you to an independent Doctor who will prepare a report setting out what injuries you have suffered, whether treatment or surgery is required and an indication as to how long your injuries are likely to last. This report forms the basis of your claim.

Step 3 – Settlement of Injury Claim Compensation

The medical report is sent to the insurers and they are invited to settle the claim. Following negotiation the claim settles.

OK, that’s it. Three steps only.

Take your first action now…

Click here to be taken to 5 quick questions that will get you on your way or make direct contact with Vashti by calling  07789 085970.

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