Personal Injury Claim – Solicitor Kingston London

Personal Injury Claim – Solicitor Kingston London

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Cid understands that after an accident you may be finding it hard to get back to normal. You may be unable to work or attend to the every day tasks such as cooking, washing or cleaning.  Your injury/injuries may be preventing you from going out to see friends and family or attend to your usual weekly sports.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your claim is passed to our Personal Injury Solicitor in Kingston London; Vashti Norman who has over 20 years experienced in personal injury claims.  Our Solicitor is specialised – being a member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel of Solicitors, and also a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.  Your Solicitor is also a qualified mediator who can negotiate the best settlement package on your behalf.

Every part of your claim will be managed for you. We will not only ensure you get the right compensation for your injury but we will ensure that all your other losses (earnings, treatments costs, damaged property) are recovered.  If you need any help getting treatment or X-rays – we can arrange this.

We ensure that your data is protected.  Even if you choose not to pursue a personal injury claim with us, we will not pass your details on to any other person or company without your express permission.  This means you will not be cold called or text – which can only compound your frustration and pressure you are already under.

If you make your enquiry with us – you speak to your London based solicitor on day one !  There is no middle man.  There are no call centres, and you will not be passed from one person to the other !  From the minute you dial our number, a personal injury Solicitor will be on hand to advise you and help you decide whether you wish to proceed with your claim.  If you do decide to proceed with your claim, you will retain the services of the Solicitor you spoke to initially.  The process is seamless, quick and easy.

Vashti Norman – Solicitor Regulated by the SRA
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